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The Best Book for Learning Java?

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When learning a new programming language some people prefer to learn from video casts, others like to dive straight into the API documentation. I prefer to get general overview of its methodologies and concepts before getting stuck in lots of detail. This feels like a a good way to confirm the language choice before spending weeks hacking away in frustration. The speediest, most economical way I’ve found at doing that is with books.

Books are usually well thought out, structured manuscripts that explain the languages concepts one easy step at a time. Trying to find that same information on the internet often ends up with hours of wasted time scrabbling around search engines full of outdated articles, which can often leave you with large gaps in your knowledge and understanding. There is one problem with Java though; there are literally hundreds of books to chose from, so in this post I’ll try to go over my thought processes on how I made my decision.

For those looking for a definitive answer, I recommend you look for guidance from someone with more experience — this post is by someone new to the language. Okay, that said, let’s dig in.


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