A small selection of projects I’ve been working on over the last few years:

  • Moria - the classic Roguelike game, updated to work on modern masOS, Linux, and Windows, along with a lot of refactoring (C/C++).
  • Jetpac Disassembly - fully annotated disassembly of this classic 1980’s ZX Spectrum video game (Z80 Assembly).
  • TimeWarrior - a simple CLI time tracking tool written in the Go language.
  • RetroIO - a CLI utility for reading 8-bit emulator disk/tape images (ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad), written in the Go language.
  • Z80 Assembly - a syntax plugin for the SublimeText editor.
  • Manic Miner - a pixel perfect Z80 to C++ port of the classic ZX Spectrum 8-bit game (WIP).


An ebook publishing platform built using Ruby on Rails. Along with typical search and browsing functionality, users are able to sign up for accounts where they can rate and review books.

A self-publishing platform built using Ruby on Rails. Users are able to post their own 100-word stories, follow authors they like, and comment on other authors writing.