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When to enable Roda's `head` plugin

After launching my new blog - built with the Roda framework - I was pretty chuffed with how things turned out. Sure, there’s still a few minor niggles, but for the most part, everything is working well.

Then a couple of weeks back an issue turned up on Google groups about how Roda was returning a 404 on empty responses. This got me thinking on what the headers of my site look like, so I booted up the terminal and made a curl request;

$ curl -I http://mrcook.uk

The response included these two lines;

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Status: 404 Not Found

That was a surprise, although it turns out this is actually correct Roda behaviour.

Roda is a framework, but unlike Ruby on Rails, it let’s you have full control over how you build your app, and that includes how the headers are configured. Fair enough, but for public facing websites, having the headers return a 404 status is probably not a good idea.


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